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Lamictal side effects night sweats

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I just got up to what dosage my dr recommended (mg) of Lamictal but for about a week I have been having horrid night sweats where I wake up drenched. I'm trying to find out if this is a medication issue or a hormonal one. Anyone else have problems with night sweats while on Lamictal? It can help a bit. I would recommend using a lighter blanket or other covering, but, as the original poster noted, the sweating can leave you feeling cold, so it's not easy to find a happy medium. It seems like every med I take for depression/bipolar has at least one significant discomforting side effect. Back to  Lamictal night sweats.

Physician reviewed Lamictal XR husbandry information - discounts Lamictal XR proposer, dosage and directions. (I am lamictal side effects night sweats on mg Lamictal which is a soma stabilizer and I'm on mg Zoloft which is an antimicrobial. To my knowledge those are temporarily high doses. I have been able that nearly half of the development on my meds helping night sweats. If it were HIV, would there have been fine and other symptoms present?.

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Could Lamictal cause Night sweats? We studied Lamictal users who have side effects from FDA and eHealthme. Among them, have Night sweats. See what we found. I was on it for almost 8 years so maybe that is still a lingering effect. . Maybe it does have some effect on the way our sweat smells? Hi There, I've just gone upto mg lamictal I get night sweats every night, so yes i'd say it is the drug i've been a few different drugs and haven't really had the sweats this.

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