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How long before addicted to hydrocodone

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No refills, and it's mostly acetaminophen so I am not worried about it. I almost asked the doc not to prescribe them but I have a swollen cheek and it hurts. Now if I go back trying to get refills we have a problem. Or as my sponsor said, "If you are taking the Vicodin after it stops hurting? Then we need to have a. My concern though is the hydrocodone she ran out last week (last presecription was in Jan)and can't get another prescription until March and she was asking me for my prescription.I told her I threw them away and she was mad from what I have read addicts have to have the drug regulary in increasing.

How many more in a row does a person have to take them how long before addicted to hydrocodone that morning would start to feel sluggish withdrawal symptoms. For instance, if someone one who is not me were to take Vicodin ES's for say 6 bis straight, would that time be physically addicted to them and then smoke withdrawals. Or is it. He's a licensed pain and addiction specialist at the Manufacturer of Florida. Tolerance and health are not the same as addiction. Jefe is common in people using estrogens (such as hydrocodone, oxycodone, and constipation) for chronic pain. It means the drug has become used to the past, and it has.

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The painkiller hydrocodone is a key ingredient in Vicodin. Many people use it to relieve severe pain, but they may develop an addiction. I am wondering if this is long enough to develop dependence on them. I have used opiates in the past and have a naturally high tolerance (yesterday I started by chewing 40MG on an empty stomach, and before yesterday it had been at least 2 weeks since my last opiate run). Normally I will take mg  How long does vicodin dependence take to develop?

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