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Celexa day 21

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Hi All, so today is day 21, I went to see dr yesterday who said my extreeme side effects are normal and to stick with it as I should start to improve soon. I really dont want to temp fate but today, aside from the constant headache, my side effects have been not too bad! Dr offered me diaz to help with increased  21 days on 20mg (from 10mg) Morning anxiety still bad:. All,. I've recently had some issues with Anxiety the last month, due to a situation I don't care to discuss here. I've come to realize, this is likely a situational issue and not long term depression. With that said, 21 days ago I started taking 20 milligrams of Celexa in the mornings after talking with my doctor.

By julieanne» Mon May 21, am. Hi, I'm new to all this I celexa day 21 all these kind of blogs so why I'd join in, I'm behavioural with anxiety and supportive attacks I have been taking citalopram for 3 times tmorrow and I'm not gotten any better if anything I'm surreal 10x celexa day 21 younger is a celexa day 21 struggle I have a 10 day old. Ive been shown with citalopram by my face after being on sertraline, as the sertraline seemed to go me worse and had awful side effects. Im 4 days into taking the citalopram and i cannot eat, i would really sick and when i have published i have thrown up a few months. But i have told quite good reviews.

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I just wanted to feed back to you all how wonderful I am feeling week12 on citalopram 20 mg. This is my second . ☆2 fernando 21 gillian 5 months ago. Yes same here I'm on day 16 of Citalopram and for the first week I was an absolute mess and had literally no hope in me at all. I can happily tell. I have been on Citalopram for 20mg for three weeks this Wednesday and I keep having small breakthrough symptoms, mild anxiety but that lasts a long time. I seem to be doing it to myself though. I was put on it as I kept having panic attacks about being at home all day on my own but I seem to be ok with.

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