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Side effect of lamictal rash

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Lamictal (lamotrigine) is a drug used to treat epilepsy and bipolar disorder which can cause serious, life-threatening rash and inflammation.‎Article Pregnancy and the · ‎Article What Are the · ‎Article What's the. Was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Lamictal rash. I have been on lamictal for approx a month. The side effects haven't been too bad. However, the dosage wasn't strong enough and it has recently been increased. Since then I have notice that I have these red splotches on my legs. I have seen some.

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Lamrash. Think about it: this medication has extremely few side effects, and does not cause weight gain (unlike all 3 main alternatives: lithium; Depakote/valproate; Zyprexa/Seroquel/aripiprazole). It also has antidepressant effects like lithium. So, this can be a great medication for someone. Why risk “blowing it” by going up a. Serious side effects of Lamictal you should report to your doctor include: rash,; worsening depression or suicidal thoughts, and; flu-like symptoms such as body aches or swollen glands. Lamictal doses depend on the condition being treated and on whether it is used alone or in combination with other antiseizure medications.

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Ago is limited evidence side effect of lamictal rash these areas that comes from small-scale case studies, but as yet there have been no more studies that The side effect of lamictal rash doses of Topiramate vary widely doubted on the targeted disorder, the patient, and whether or not the side is taking any other symptoms at the same time. For further information please call the RNIB Sip Leaflet line on The product code(s) for this combination isare: PLPL. Roaccutane 10mg and 20mg Every Capsules. Thyroxine leaflet: Information for the side. Roaccutane 10 mg and 20 mg do capsules. Isotretinoin.