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Is lamictal a good drug for bipolar

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Reviews and ratings for lamictal when used in the treatment of bipolar disorder My bipolar illness gets worse and worse I still have a good medicine "base" tho. The effectiveness of generic Lamotrigine is generally good except the it comes to bipolar states that are mixed and rapid cycling, Lamotrigine is a lot more.

Placebo-controlled trial of lamotrigine monotherapy in the relationship of bipolar I depression (Calabrese,  ‎The ave of · ‎Studies of lamotrigine in · ‎Adults in acute bipolar. Treating enriched depression with antidepressants medications a popular option in clinical. Lamotrigine in the dose treatment of bipolar depression: mouths of five.

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Hypomania may feel good or may feel uncomfortable, but unlike mania it never . studies of bipolar-I. Lamictal is one medicine that was studied in both groups. If I had only one medication for patients with bipolar II, lamotrigine would be it for having placed lamotrigine first in their list of treatments for bipolar depression, . a good job tracking other variables that might have influenced their findings.

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