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Gi side effects of synthroid

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Learn about the potential side effects of Synthroid (levothyroxine). Includes common and rare side effects information for consumers and healthcare professionals. Find information about common, infrequent and rare side effects of Synthroid Oral.

Pourquoi je les ai pas eu jusque a maintenant. sachant que le moi passé le 4 jour après l arrèt de Duphaston® j ai eu mes gi side effects of synthroid. Dolores. Il m'a donc prescrit Duphaston 10 2 compirimés par jour pendant 5 jours pour essayer de me déclancher les règles et si elles reviennnent je dois prendre du Clomid à partir du 3ème jour du dosage aussi pendant 5 jours. Il faut également que je fasse un bilan sanguin domestic que j'ai ou non mes règles  Apr;s DUPHASTON combien de jours pendant avoir ses RRR. Bref, mon gygy m'a prescrit du duphaston à prendre pdt 10 jours.

Synthroid can cause gastrointestinal irritation in many users, leading to stomach aches followed by diarrhea. It is diarrhea that may contribute to a small amount of weight loss among those who report losing weight while taking synthroid. Should you experience diarrhea as a side effect, it should be. Synthroid may speed up chemical reactions in the gastrointestinal system that can cause diarrhea in certain patients, reports A patient experiencing diarrhea may have poor absorption of food, and diarrhea may interfere with daily activities. Notify your doctor if you experience excessive diarrhea. The doctor may.

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