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Does amoxicillin make me tired

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If you're sick and you're feeling really, really tired, it may not be just the illness itself that has you dragging. It could be the antibiotics you're taking to cure it that is the problem. Amoxicillin, for example, which is prescribed to treat bacterial infections such as pneumonia and bronchitis, can cause "excessive tiredness" and "lack. You might want to call your Dr. It is possible that the Amoxicillin is not the right drug for your bacterial infection or it could be that you have a virus. If you have a virus, no antibiotics will work, you just have to ride it out and treat the symptoms. Being tired and having body aches is common with both bacterial.

Trademarks to the Editor. Levofloxacin and Indications: What Risk for Elderly Adults. Wants. Giuseppe Famularo MD, PhD. Irradiation author notes.

3 Answers - Posted in: infections, headache, bacterial infection - Answer: Hello, No, it will not make you drowssy, but at the same time three I'm taking a lot of it now and I've been so tired which is unusual for me. for tooth infection which has to be gone by now I've been taking it for almost a month. It is also commonly used in associations with other antibiotics. I stopped the Amoxicillin because it was making me weak and. "Thinking it is my sinuses, went on amoxicillin on it 3 days now. Still getting pain but not as bad. It is not a steady Also does amoxicillin make u tired? Been tired a lot". Comment Helpful? Save.

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