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Can i take allegra twice per day

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Can I take allegra twice a day - Can I take allegra twice a day. Most likely. But this would make side effects more likely - dry mouth and eyes for example, perhaps sedation / tiredness. Might think of mixing medicines from different classes if bad allergies are the issue. A primary care provider can help in this regard. I take Allegra and supplement with 1/2 a childrens chewable benedryl as necessary. It's usually enough to take the edge off quickly without making me sleepy. I am usually absolutely dying from allergies by this time of year despite my allegra and benedryl. This year my pcp had me try a steroid nasal spray.

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I am wondering if anyone has taken more than mg. of Allegra daily and lived to tell about it! Just kidding about that last part. I have a particularly bad case of post nasal drip and I DO get some relief from the However, I am considering trying half a tab (90 mg.) at night to get more reli. Allegra ODT is intended for use only in children 6 to 11 years of age. The recommended dose of Allegra ODT is 30 mg twice daily. A dose of 30 mg once daily is recommended as the starting dose in pediatric patients with decreased renal function [see Clinical Pharmacology ()]. Allegra ODT is designed to disintegrate.

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Below are Allegra (Fexofenadine) clues, ratings, comments submitted by patients and caregivers. Laughed on a one a day. Evil the generic Allegra twice a day then, say for the first day or two, and then give once a day. Midnight effects: weight gain, moodiness, feel nauseous all the time, can not increase the car. Comments. So my last is that twice daily dose of Fexofenadine mg is not really as according to this can i take allegra twice per day PK remains linear upto a dropper of mg. But if we see a Rx of fexofenadine mg BD then it will be engaging or at least theres no relation as a drug dose of mg will not only linear kinetics???.

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