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How to safely get off topamax

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I was on topamax for about 3 months and at 75 mg. This drug was highly changing my mood and personality and it was only mildly effective at helping the migraines. I spoke with my doctor and he told me to wean off by 25 mg every 4 days. I took my last pill on day I am currently 9 days free of Topamax. You didn't say how quickly you increased the dosage when you started taking topiramate, but the recommended schedule is to start at 25 mg a day and add 25 mg per week to get to the total dosage your doctor wants you to take. For tapering off topiramate, experts recommend revesing that and decreasing.

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Hi, Well im finally coming off topamax:) but ive only been on it for 6 months. When i started on it i was on mg 2xday as well as mg lamictal 2xday. What happened was my seizures went from nocturnal to daytime and the number of them increased, i also lost a hell of alot of weight. I decided to get a second opinion. If all works out well after tonight's dose I may try tapering off later. Only GREAT thing about this drug, Topamax, besides Zero migraines is; I've Lost 85 pounds and I love wearing a size 10 now. Damn if I do, damn if I don't. I refuse to gain any weight back, but I hate I have to pick kidney stones over the above.

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