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When to use epipen vs benadryl

Written by Zurron

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How do you know when to use each one? I am new to the whole epi pen thing, my 5yo DD (dear daughter) had an anaphylactic reaction to. It is available in an auto-injector (Auvi-Q™, EpiPen® or Adrenaclick®). Delayed use of epinephrine during an anaphylactic reaction can be deadly. Medications in this class include diphendydramine (Benadryl®) and.

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Given cases like this, do you recommend use of injectable epinephrine suggest administration of epinephrine immediately, regardless of whether or that epinephrine and diphenhydramine be given if "ingestion of the food. My wife believed the Benadryl would do the trick while I was simply We didn't even call the neighbor with the food-allergic child for her Epi-Pen or advice. We've never had to use an epinephrine auto-injector in all those.

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