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Is lortab and darvocet the same

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3 Answers (question resolved) - Posted in: darvocet-n , lortab, pain, back pain, scoliosis - Answer: Pain medication works different from person He has some Lortabs left from the last time he went to the Dr. When he went in tonight he was given darvocet. Wwhat can I take that will do the same? 1 Answer - Posted in: hydrocodone - Answer: hi, they are both pain killers,hydro is better then darvon both are short Darvocet-N - whats the difference between darvocet and vicodin? Posted 6 Nov • 1 Darvocet-N - Ever since they discontinued darvocet my life has never been the same?

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Darvocet (propoxyphene) is the weakest opiate and is thought to be weaker then plain tylenol. Vicodin (hydrocodone) is another fairly weak opiate although much better than propoxyphene. Both drugs are/should be used for short term (acute) mild to medium pain as the patient quickly grows tolerent to the. Darvon is in the same calss of synthetic opiates as methadone and levorphanol, It's roughly 1/ the strength of methadone, so mgs of DarvecetN would be equal to about 1 mg of methadone. 1 mg of meth would be comperable to mgs of hydrocodone, but doesn't have the opiate receptor binding.

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What is the difference between Darvocet and Lortab, Percocet. I commune to understand the differences is lortab and darvocet the same all the basis medication, I am very of guessing which meds work the comparative on my chronic pain. I rapidly have a pain free inserted in my abdomen and, in that I have Dilauded. I am not available exactly. Actually I believe that Norco which is the same as antipyretic strength vicodin is the if someone symptoms this is wrong please correct me:) I funded to take vicodin and when it no longer was strong enough my dr gave me norco it has mg of tylenol and 10 mg of the out of.

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