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Side effects of accutane long term

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As far as I can tell, it hasn't caused any long-term health problems for me. While on Accutane, I got the usual side effects; very dry skin, dry eyes, chapped lips, etc. Nothing that would have troubled me too much. based on your knowledge, do you think that accutane can cause any kind of long term damage. Yes, it's possible. I'm so sorry to hear what your going through and i have know idea how to help you but i thought maybe you could request a pinned thread or a section of the site on accutane's long term side effects? i know its rare to have them and it may be discouraging for other accutane users but people should beĀ  Curing Accutane's long term side effects.

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Unknown to me my sister took Roaccutane on & off for years for acne, she had the best pearly white teeth you could wish for.. In her s she list most her teeth due to bone loss. This is also another Longterm Side effect of Accutane. I have heard so many stories of side effects, people taking their own life. Accutane sales reached $ mil/year. The drug works for severe (cystic) acne, providing long-lasting and sometimes complete reduction of acne for 85 percent of patients, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. However, the drug also has serious side effects like Crohn's disease. It also has been linked to.

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