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Rhinocort aqua vs avamys

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Compare Avamys vs. Rhinocort Aqua, which is better for uses like: Seasonal Allergies, Rhinitis and Allergic Rhinitis. Compare head-to-head ratings, side effects, warnings, dosages, interactions and patient reviews. Rhinocort Aqua or 1 spray into each nostril twice daily; when control onide, achieved reduce to 1 spray into each nostril once daily doses) minimum age 12 years. Flunisolide. Syntaris. 2 sprays into each nostril twice daily, increased if. £ ( necessary to 3 times daily then reduced for maintenance; doses).

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Dr. Mumneh responded: Nasal sprays. They are both nasal steroids and serve similar functions to treat nasal allergies and congetion. Rhinocort is ok for pregnant women but not fluticasone. Flonase (Fluticasone) is a good first-choice medicine for treating a runny or stuffy nose caused by allergies, and it's cheaper than some alternatives. Rhinocort Aqua (Budesonide) is a steroid nasal spray that works best when used regularly for your nasal allergy symptoms.

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