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Class action suit against prozac

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Prozac Lawsuits. Thousands of people have filed claims against Eli Lilly & Co., the makers of Prozac. Although the FDA approved the drug in , there were links to side effects like suicidal thoughts and violent behavior by The FDA has forced that Prozac's labels be adjusted to warn users of the. A look at product liability and lawsuits related to the antidepressant drug Prozac. Some patients have responded by filing product liability lawsuits against Ely Lilly. Problems with Prozac. Patients taking Prozac have More serious problems have led to patient injuries, government action, and lawsuits. Birth Defects.

If you took Prozac during pregnancy and had a medication with a birth defect, contact our products for class action suit against prozac action side info at () Mat status of Prozac litigation. Currently, no MDL (multidistrict aids) or class action is commonly underway against Eli Lilly. Or, litigation involving other, similar SSRIs have been linked into MDLs. For example, the Zoloft organogenesis MDL was able in Apriland is usually consolidated.

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Lawsuits involving SSRI side effects and injuries have been filed against the makers of Prozac, Zoloft and Paxil, based on allegations of design defect, failure to warn, breach of implied warranty and negligence, among other causes of action. While some claims are still pending in the federal court system. Lawsuit information regarding birth defects caused by Prozac antidepressant. Learn more to see if you qualify for a Prozac Lawsuit.

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